Format EFI System Partition at installation on a Dual boot system with separate drives?

I’m planning a fresh fedora installation on my dual boot system. Currently I have got Windows 10 on one drive and OpenSuse on the other with each it’s own Efi System Partition. I want to replace Opensuse with Fedora. The question on the table is: “Should I format the Opensuse ESP or mount the old EFI partition?”

Opensuse’s Documention say’s:

If an EFI system partition is already present on your system (for example from a previous Windows installation) use it by mounting it to /boot/efi without formatting it.

Archlinux documention say’s:

Warning: When dual-booting, avoid reformatting the ESP, as it may contain files required to boot other operating systems.

But I guess that would only be the case on a dual boot system on a single diskdrive. And since I want to discard Opensuse that wouldn’t be a problem, don’t you think so?

I ask this question since I have read this post from somebody that experienced trouble after mounting the EFI partion from an older linux distro rather than formatting the EFI and create a new partition.

So Is there someone who has expertise on this matter that can offer a suggestion? Should I reuse the EFI partion or create a new one?

In the case you described, you should reformat it. You don’t need to delete it and recreate it but you can if it is easier.

In general, it isn’t essential to reformat it but if you are replacing opensuse there is no reason to preserve the data in it.


Thanks for taking away my doubts and reassuring what I already thought. I’m gonna reformat the ESP. For security sake I also made a backup of the old ESP, but I think it’s going to be alright.

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