How do I recreate my UEFI ESP partition?

I have Fedora install on the main drive in my system (nvme0) and last night I installed Windows on a secondary drive (nvme1). I noticed that Windows added some UEFI entry to nvme0 also instead of just nvme1, so after some poking around I eventually ended up deleting nvme0n1p1, which I thought was just a new partition for Windows, but it turns out that this was also my Fedora ESP /boot/efi partition.

I still have the filesystem and the normal /boot partition intact, but I cannot boot to Fedora since there is no ESP and the UEFI cannot detect it.

The 600MB unallocated space here is where my /boot/efi ESP needs to go. How can I get this ESP re-created without having to do a full re-install? If I do need to reinstall, is there some way to just re-install the boot partition parts without having to lose all my packages and settings inside my Fedora installation?

I have both timeshift rsync and dejavu remote backups, but a timeshift restore attempt is giving me an error that the subvolume layout is not correct.