Lost efi partition restoration request


I am Bijoy Nirmal .I am having win 10 with Fedora 35 dual boot in HP laptop. I lost the EFI partition why because I deleted the same. The system was constantly prompting that the space in the EFI partition was very low, because of this I have shrunk some space from drive and created new EFI partition with 1GB and have deleted the old partition. Now the system is not getting boot into fedora the error screen is attached . I request your kind support for activating fedora and make my system work like the previous dual boot. I request your guidance for solve the problem which i am facing.

If one has deleted the efi partition it seems likely that windows will not boot either.

The proper method would have been to expand the efi partition instead of deleting it so it retained the same UUID and all the existing data within.

Now it seems likely that one would need to first do a repair of windows so it is able to boot, then one would need to recover the linux efi data.

Simplest way to recover the linux part would be 2 steps.

  1. repair windows boot
  2. reinstall fedora to rebuild the boot loader info

Alternative is a bit convoluted since one would manually need to reconstruct the fedora boot loader within the efi partition. It can be done but not easily.

Sir,This is HP laptop my windows is working fine, only problem with Fedora booting fedora is installed in a separate partition with 125GB kindly explain me how to rebuild boot loader info…

It can be done. It is somewhat non-trivial though. You need to boot from a Live CD, mount all the necessary file systems (including your EFI partition) and then use “chroot” to switch to the installed OS and reconstruct your ESP.

I’m not sure what the correct commands would be to reconstruct the ESP with GRUB. It is just two commands for sd-boot (bootctl and kernel-install), but I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to try to switch to sd-boot at this point because that would only complicate your current situation.

Here is a guide to get you started if you really want to attempt it: