Format change for Nutanix artifact

Cross-posted with this coreos-status email.

The format of the Fedora CoreOS Nutanix image will change in the next release of the Fedora CoreOS next and testing streams. Current releases ship the Nutanix image as a qcow2 file wrapped with xz compression (qcow2.xz). Future releases will switch to a qcow2 file without any wrapper (qcow2), internally compressed with qcow2’s built-in compression support. Following the usual release schedule, this change will promote to the stable stream two weeks after the next and testing releases.

We are making this change to support direct uploading of Fedora CoreOS images into Nutanix AHV using the Nutanix Prism API. This allows users to avoid manually downloading, decompressing, and re-uploading Fedora CoreOS images when adding them to Nutanix Prism Central.

If you use the Nutanix image, you will need to adjust your workflow for adding Fedora CoreOS images to Nutanix AHV. If you do not use the Nutanix image, this change will not affect you.

If you have any questions or concerns, or expect this change to break a critical workflow, please contact us via #fedora-coreos on Libera.Chat or file an issue in the Fedora CoreOS tracker.

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