Force reformat an unusable NVME drive?

I have a NVME SSD that somehow is completely empty?

It is shown as 0B on lsblk and kde-partitionmanager, Windows autoformat resulted in an error, creating a new GPT partition table in kde partitionmanager the same.

I have no idea why this happened and will try to add more info, I am using it over an otherwise perfectly working nvme-usbc adapter.

Is this device dead?

I think it formerly had Windows installed on it, and I was surprised to see it was completely empty. It also just layed in my drawer doing nothing for just 3 months or so, so wear through heat or time is unlikely.

Sound like its a dead drive. Do you see errors in dmesg?

Also beware that there are nvme-usbc adapters that have hardware/firmware issues on the market.

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