Font rendering bug. All characters in system programs are rendered as hexadecimal boxes

After upgrade to Fedora 34 i have this problem:

Things I’ve tried: refresh font cache, change permissions on font files, check if liberation fonts installed.
The interesting thing is that in region and language settings menu i have all languages rendered as boxes, but Asian hieroglyphs are rendered normal.


Hi @ordekonec welcome to the forum. Please take a minute to go over the introductory posts in the #start-here category if you’ve not had a chance.

Are you using any extensions? Can you please disable them, log out and back in to see if it works. As an even better check—can you please create a new user and see if the issue persists?


Hello, ty for reply. I’ve tried new user and the problem disappeared. But i can’t fix it on main user, I’ve already installed language packs but it still showing me boxes

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So when I upgraded from 33 I had this same problem. I was however in KDE not GNOME. I ended up resolving it by resetting my system fonts to default, and removing the following folders:


both of these folders are from a legacy configuration and have been moved in current versions of Fedora so if you have them you should erase them. Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Yours and mine hope is resolved). Thank you for reply and help. This is the solution

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