Flatpak package for Claws-Mail?

Does anyone know where to find a flatpak package for claws-mail? If not, is there any assistance in making the flatpak build scripts for a standard Fedora package?

Is there a standard recommendation to approach the claws-mail team before preparing a package in the distro flatpak repository? How would one approach tackling this?

Maybe I just need pointing to the right documentation, but I haven’t found it yet. Thanks!

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Indeed there is; Flathub has some guidelines for app submission, which includes that the idea is proposed to upstream first.

Given that Claws is already packaged in Fedora, it may be easier to make a Fedora Flatpak, which allows you to build a Flatpak based off of RPMs.

Wait, why is upstream involved? Is upstream packaging flatpacks? If so, why?

The reason is simply that if upstream likes the idea of Flatpaks, they should probably be in charge of maintenance, that way they get more control over it and it reduces the risk of rot.

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That sounds horrible. This is literally why distros exist, upstream is
generally not trustworthy when it comes to packaging their software properly,
and especially not at ensuring it’s using secure defaults. In the case of
Flatpak, I would assume that’d be why so many just give direct access to the
filesystem, and other permissions/security issues…

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Flathub packages have to pass a review process before submission where stuff like this is checked first. The filesystem permissions are completely unrelated.

Thanks for the info. So, first try upstream, then try flathub, and if not possibly we can consider it as part of Fedora flatpak repository. I’ll contact claws-mail.org team on their users list. Let’s see if they are interested.

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A quick follow-up: I’m working on a package myself. Preliminary work can be found at: https://github.com/cobratbq/flathub-org.clawsmail.Claws-Mail/tree/org.clawsmail.Claws-Mail.

It provides a working Claws-Mail instance with most plug-ins available. However, there’s some flatpak/flathub-issues to iron out.

It will move into https://github.com/flathub/<some-claws-mail-repo> once all issues are fixed.