Flatpak automatic updates: Where, How?

Some distro releases ago there where a change for flatpak packaged applications. An automatic update rule was introduced, that updates the installed assets automatically. Where can I find this knob / switch. I want to control such update process on managed systems. Any hints?

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There are various ways go create systemd services, some have a separate .timer file, some bundle everything in one (which I highlx prefer). There will be an interval mentioned.

If there is no such entry, create one:

sudo cat /etc/systemd/system/CUSTOM-flatpak-update.service <<EOF
Description=Update Flatpak apps every 6 hours

ExecStart=/bin/bash -c '/usr/bin/flatpak update -y > /var/log/flatpak-update.log 2>&1'

# start on boot directly
# start every 6h after it was active


I understand it that way, that the current Fedora release already has such automatic update for flatpaks enabled now (default preset). I just can not find the place where this is happening (config …). Any hits?

couldnt find it, even on ublue.

Check it out here, in GNOME Software. As far as I know, GNOME Software is responsible in Fedora Workstation for updating OS and apps. GNOME Software is running in the background even when its window is closed.

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I did not expect that this behaviour is implemented in such high level (application/gui). Anyway, the mentioned managed systems that I’m targeting, do not get gnome-software installed, so no auto updates. That is the intended goal so far, but I should implement some measures, when installed accidentally. thanks!

Aah, okay. So on the KDE side this is done by Discover, and in general by packagekit.

GUI=packagekit for some reason, even though I feel it is not efficient at all.

Flatpak is done natively by the software stores.

I’m 99% sure PackageKit does not handle Flatpak updates. It’s designed to be an abstraction layer for OS native package managers like dnf.


Edit: flatpak is not handled by Packagekit!

Packagekit handles all (?) OS package managers. I think Discover has a native fwupd integration not handled by packagekit, GNOME has the app “Firmware” to do this.

rpm-ostree has a native implementation in Discover and GNOME Software thanks to @siosm

PackageKit is responsible only for handling installation and updates of native OS packages like RPM, DEB, etc. It does not support snap or Flatpak packages.