Flathub and Fedora Flatpak repos installed at the same time

Well, that may be the case regarding flatpaks vs layering, but really if layering is no longer desired why not just use ostree then the only option would be what’s in the CoreOS and flatpaks. the choise of using rpm-ostree is part of the flexibility of Silverblue IMO.

Layering isn’t necessarily destined to go away, but if a Flatpak version is available e.g. on the Fedora OCI repo, there’s no real benefit to a layered package.

The purist in me would agree with your message, the pragmatist in me sees layering and pet containers being essential for some time.

I tend to agree - I avoid layering wherever possible and while I’ve had to do it for certain things that just aren’t feasible in a flatpak right now, I would much rather manage everything as flatpaks!

I think the issue here is different (please if anyone knows better correct me).
Fedora needs to include a bunch of flatpaks for silverblue .
Fedora can not do so because either the runtimes from flathub (freedesktop,gnome,kde) contain files that the Fedora legal team dislikes or the fact that flathub itself may link to such (vlc in flathub etc).

The result is Fedora has it’s own repo which due to the building process these “flatpak’s” will from fedora oci may not be usable on other distros (and/or future Fedora version) (and/or the runtime strips out some part).

A lot more reasons to publish your application on Flathub.

I second this idea. I am not technical person but only have user perspective. If licensing is the issue, just have free/non-free flatpak repos and enable free repo by default and let non-free repo by opt-in.


I totally agree.
Here’s a GNOME Software issue where it’s requested to add an option to hide proprietary applications.

BTW, I’ve just installed Silverblue and I’m replacing all default flatpak apps installed from Fedora registry with the ones from Flathub. I really don’t see the benefit of keeping the fedora registry. I can stay away from proprietary apps by myself.

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