FixBroken Command in Terminal

Hey. Sorry if I’m posting it in wrong place.
Is there any fix broken command I can use to fix broken libraries/packages such as Kernel Image? I recently followed some instructions (link below) to reduce boot time and I got Kernel Image broken error. My computer works fine though.

Another thing is I sometimes get some crash errors and I want to check if everything is fine with my installation of Fedora and laptop.
I’m using Fedora 30 on Lenovo IdeaPad 320

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Try to collect more information about the problem: exact error message, steps to reproduce.

Verify package database consistency and package integrity:

sudo rpm --rebuilddb
sudo rpm --verify --all

Check package manager issues:

sudo dnf check all

Reset GRUB environment:

sudo grub2-editenv create

Regenerate GRUB configuration:

if [ -d "/sys/firmware/efi" ]; \
then GRUB_CONF="/etc/grub2-efi.cfg"; \
else GRUB_CONF="/etc/grub2.cfg"; fi; \
sudo grub2-mkconfig --output="${GRUB_CONF}"

Regenerate all initramfs images:

sudo dracut --force --regenerate-all

Reset all SELinux labels:

sudo restorecon -R -v /

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