Firefox takes too long to load

I’m not sure if this is Fedora specific, I just migrated from Ubuntu. Every time I open Firefox it takes a long time, it shows the loading (on the cursor) icon for a few seconds, then icon disappears but it will still take a few more seconds until it opens, it takes about 20 seconds until It appears.

Is there a way to figure out what is going on ? I already removed all the extensions I had installed, and cleared cache, cookies, even tried reinstalling it.

Had the same issue. xdg-open was also taking ages to load like 20 seconds with firefox already running in the background, and the issue is also present in the LiveDVD version of firefox.

Solved from this post here;

Looks like the default /etc/hosts file is miss-configured changing it to the below fixes the issue localhost hostname(change me to whatever you set your host name to)

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That did it, thanks !

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