Firefox submenu to right side not working on wayland

Hi guys, something strange going on more than 5-6 month.

Firefox submenu to right side not working on wayland. I tried all including reset and clear settings. On X11 works fine. When it open to left side it works, right side not work. See screens.

Like that?

Have you tried with a different user? (Or with a fresh Firefox profile?)
Maybe some GNOME extension? Have you tried to disable some extension?


Find it if layout.css.devPixelsPerPx greater than 2, menu not show.


Sorry. What? Where is such CSS? It depends on the Firefox’s window dimensions?

about:config → layout.css.devPixelsPerPx. This is configuration flag, which using for custom scaling. If i choose value more than 2.00 sub menu not showing in wayland with custom scaling in gnome. But why it don’t show right-side menu, but show left-side don’t know. Maybe i should create report about this issue on their bugtracker. Issue not depent from window size. It’s default value it -1, but i’m set it to 2.2 that make size panel bigger.

I’m use factorial scaling = 125% in gnome on Wayland.

Trying create a bugreport 1684167 - When value of flag layout.css.devPixelsPerPx is greater than 2.00 and smaller than 3 not show right submenus and more than 4


No reaction for submitted report, guys someone have a friends in mozilla’s development team?

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