Spectacle on Wayland not working after trying Firejail: Fix found!

Hi guys!

Just when I wanted to write a “help me please!” post, I found the solution in a Manjaro Forum!

So what my setup is:

  • tried firejail once
  • Wayland
  • all screenshot apps not working anymore

The reason is that firejail is broken! At least with Wayland it seems.

I dont have the time to fix that, but the problem is the new appstarter (/.desktop entry).

On KDE all appstarters in ~/.local/share/applications overlay system ones (/usr/share/applications and so on)!

So, there was a org.kde.spectacle appstarter there! Deleting it, now I can finally stop taking photos of my screen like a Windows noob!

So some keywords:

firejail wayland spectacle flameshot permission screenshot overlay

Fix found!

Damn, this also fixed a Ctrl+P bug in Librewolf and Firefox for some reason.

ALSO, screenshots in firefox itself work again.

Damn, Kinoite is nice as ever again.

Glad to hear you found an answer.

Just as a reminder to everyone. All the .desktop files in ~/.local/share/applications will automatically override the equivalent .desktop files in /usr/share/applications.

Also note that the only way those files appear in ~/.local/share/applications is that the user has to deliberately place them there. If the changes break something that is on the user themselves because of modifications done locally.

yes thats what I described. firejail places them there in the “apply firejail to system” or how its called process. And after unlayering it, of course these homedir changes stay even on Kinoite

I do not use firejail and would have had no clue about what it does in that regard. I guess using firejail does something that would be hidden from the normal user so most would never think to look at that possibility.

This is why I personally think that having apps that hide the details of changes to the system from the user can be problematic.

Thank you for identifying this potential for problems.

Yes I sometimes just post stuff like that so people can find it.

Firejail is a sandboxing solution, like Bubblewrap for Flatpak, but different. I rely on some RPMs that have access to all my files AND the internet, which is pretty bad I think.

Goal was to isolate the apps to only have permissions to the directories they actually need, but at least on Wayland Firejail seems broken, Firefox didnt even start, so…