Firefox Developer | | Update notification

I installed Firefox developer from the copr repo. On the Firefox selves it has a notification about updates from Firefox direct (aurora).

Because of using the copr repository it seams that the Firefox is mostly with a pending update and this is displayed every time I open the browser. As i let it update automatically with dnf I would like to know how to deactivate the Firefox (aurora) notification ?

Maybe someone has the same problem?


This is something you would need to contact the copr maintainer about. These checks are disabled in the Fedora packaged version of Firefox, so presumably the copr maintainer could choose to implement it similarly.

Otherwise, as a quick guess, in about:config I see app.update.enabled and are set to false in the Fedora packaged version, so maybe changing those settings will do what you expect.

3 Likes was on true, i changed it to false. Let’s see if this is the problem.
Thanks for the reference of the normal Firefox. Unfortunately I can’t find app.update.enabled in Firefox dev.

As soon as I see what is needed to change I will support to the copr maintainer.


This is true on mine. I think app.update is more likely the relevant one AFAICT, but it’s also possible that the config may have changed between stable and Aurora.

See if we get some more inputs. Otherwise i will make a Bug request on Bugzilla from mozilla.