Fingerprint on Fedora 37

Hello everyone,
I’ve just install Fedora 37 on my Lenovo laptop and it is great. But I can’t find if there is a way to make the fingerprint work.
Thanks in advance.

you should be able to go into gnome settings and configure it under the “Users” tab. if it doesn’t show up though, your device might not be supported. you can check by getting the HWID of your fingerprint reader with the output of lsusb and then seeing if it’s listed here

Thanks a lot Seth.
It works on windows (I have a dual boot), but I suppose it is not supported on linux. it is not listed by lsusb.

what about lspci? and them:

  1. lifprint — Supported Devices
  2. Unsupported Devices · Wiki · libfprint / wiki · GitLab


this type of question is always best in askfedora

Thanks Héctor.
I see on the Unsupported Devices link you sent my laptop model |[27c6:55a2]|Ideapad 5.

Thanks Martin.
I will do next time.