Files: designs for mimetype symbolics | example .iso .torrent in adwaita

fedora 36 gnome 42.3

  1. icons / thumbnails for .iso & .torrent files do not show no more.
    the 2 different icons which depicted an .iso file & a torrent file earlier are now replaced by a single icon for both file types & that is a blank page with the upper right corner folded.

  2. settings > accessibility > sound keys the slider is set to on so that when i press the cap lock / num lock key there is a beep sound but after a reboot / a logout & login there is no beep on pressing the caps lock / num lock keys while in settings, the slider is still set as on.

Which icon theme are you using?

That is,

It appears to work on X11 if you’d want to try that.

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naaah…i’ll stick with wayland.

Please split this into a new topic for the clam action issue.



any ideas to get the icons for iso & torrent files like in fedora 35?
i never change the default font / theme on any operating system ever.
if fedora 35 has the same default theme as fedora 36 then it could qualify as a missing feature, right?

I see the same icons for .torrent and iso files.

There’s also an old bug for Adwaita, Add an icon for iso files (#72) · Issues · GNOME / adwaita-icon-theme · GitLab

I do see icons for both if I switch to the papirus dark icon theme.

& that is my grievance, the exact same icon for isos & torrents :


this was not the case with fedora 35.

why do i need to switch the theme for basic file icons?

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I see the same thing on Fedora 35 Workstation with a fresh installation in a VM. Did you have any additional applications installed or associated with iso or torrent files?

Above @grumpey mentioned that the Advita-Icon-Theme had/has a problem. So if you don’t want to change Theme you might have to live with this?!

I changed the icons with tweaks to advita and i do have the same problem. Seams with fedora the bug was not solved yet.


Just an idea from my side, have you tried to open a torrent file with Transmission and or change the default App for .torrent ?

none whatsoever.

the same blank icon for 2 different file types makes it difficult to distinguish between the 2.

i guess i will.

so changing the theme does not fix nothing right?

precisely my point.


transmission is the only torrent software i have.

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You have to keep observing the link on gitlab (Gnome) to see if there is a change in the future.

Alternative/Workaround: look for an alternative icon theme.

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is gnome being doled out half-baked :roll_eyes:

In this and many of your other posts it seems you are being deliberately derogatory toward several things on fedora.

The Fedora Code of Conduct gives guidelines as to how members of this forum should act and being deliberately and continuously negative is not included in those standards.

Please refrain from the derogatory comments. If you have a specific issue feel free to describe it and ask for assistance in a friendly manner.

My grandparents taught me that “if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing!” was the best policy.


you can contribute how you want it to be

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I agree with @computersavvy , that’s not way how things could be changed and if you have the knowledge to contribute on a qualified and sound base please do it, otherwise you have to wait until the engaged Fedora community ,and they are one of the best community under Linux, will patch wrong things. I always have seen, that they are doing their best and they deliver fast an excellent OS. Don’t ride a dead horse.

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I just link to my other rant:

merriam-webster :
Definition of derogatory
1 expressive of a low opinion

can you be kind enough to point out the part where it says :

  1. you can not criticize fedora.
  2. you can not point out what is wrong with fedora.
  3. you can only post good things about fedora.

my grandma taught me never shy away from calling a spade a spade.

in your post, you wrote the above but you quoted my post & that too from another thread.
i very kindly ask you again to avoid cross posting like you seemingly often do.

This isn’t what folks are saying here. Comments like “is gnome being doled out half baked” are what they are pointing to. Gnome has it’s own processes, and with each release there will be bugs that remain unfixed or undetected, especially when there are large library level changes (such as gtk3 → gtk4 and so on). The right thing to do is to file the bug and wait patiently for a fix, or if at all possible, contribute a fix. We realise that the latter isn’t doable for all of us, and in that scenario, we report the issue and wait for a fix. Sometimes it can take quite long for a fix to be released—because there are other tasks that are given priority. (I can see how a cosmetic bug like the lack of icons may not take priority over more fundamental bugs that affect functionality of various Gnome components).

As for criticism—we believe in constructive criticism and we do not criticise people. So if you say, “gnome-control-center seems buggy”, that’s fine, but when you say “is gnome being doled out half-baked” it includes a component of criticism of the people of the Gnome community. Even when we criticise the work, we remain mindful that software will have bugs, and these take resources (valuable volunteer hours in most FOSS projects) to fix, so we tend to go easy with our criticisms.

The Code of Conduct basically says “be excellent to each other”. So, we try to be excellent to each other even when disagreeing with each other and/or critiquing each other’s work. In general, before posting, please ask yourself “am I being excellent to everyone here?”. If the answer isn’t a clear “yes”, we should re-think our post.

Other things we should refrain from:

  • using bold unless necessary. In text speak/chat, it’s implies shouting.
  • posting topics in another topics asking users to take a look (people will look at topics that interest them and/or where they think they can help)
  • “pinging” topics when no progress has been made----people will just stop following the topics if there are too many notifications from it with low information content
  • tagging people in posts—if we’ve replied to their post, they will receive a notification, tagging isn’t necessary and usually implies urgency so it should be used sparingly.

For this particular topic, it looks like we must wait for a fix from upstream Gnome to reach Fedora. Until then, there’s not a lot to say. I won’t close the topic, but please refrain from posting unless there is new information to add here.