Unable to add more than 1 picture to background


hi joe,

is there a fix still in the works or this is how things will stay?

why would gnome remove a previously existing totally harmless functionality?

As stated in a previous post:

the link you posted :


has version gnome-control-center-42.3-1.fc36

which i too have now but the problem still persists.

i could be wrong but i think joe has made a merge request day before :


Yes. I linked the rpm package that was in the testing repository at the time. Now it is in the stable repository. And you have it.
And yes, this version 42.3-1 doesn’t contain Joe’s patch, because

Probably we have to wait for the next version.


According to the schedule 42.4 should release sometime in August.


thank you both for your patience & assistance.

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i think the merge request you asked for has been implemented.

can you please spare a couple of minutes & check?

It was merged,background: Restore support for multiple file selection (7d884a6e) · Commits · GNOME / Settings · GitLab



guys can you please have a look here as well :


still no 42.4 over here :disappointed: :

In Rawhide it works now … feel free to use it.
The .iso & .torren icons are still the .txt once (other topic).

A comment in general:
In Opensource Software it is common, that things are done when they are done.
Especially if they are “make-up” ore not security related.

I kindly ask you not to push your topics. Especially just to inform if something is not done. What makes sense here is, when you inform us when it is done and then mark your topics with a solution.

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am now on gnome 42.4 but i am still unable to add multiple pictures to backgrounds at once, can add only 1 image at a time.

gnome-control-center as far as I can tell is still 42.3-1.



would gnome 42.4 on arch be any different than gnome 42.4 on fedora?

Possibly, you’d have to compare all the packages and see.

from the command line run:
gnome-control-center --version


[ ~]$ gnome-control-center --version
gnome-control-center 42.3

am guessing control center has still not got upgraded right?

Correct, thanks.

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so a gnome update need not necessarily mean an update of all components / packages of gnome.

learnt something new today thanks to you.

last day of august & still nada for gnome control center :worried:

i very kindly ask you to avoid cross posting like you have here :

what makes more sense if replies are posted in the appropriate thread, correct?