Fedora's start page has no content

Since at least yesterday, the Fedora start page appears to be blank for me, apart from the header, footer and menus. I tried on both Firefox and Chromium to make sure it isn’t my browser’s fault.

This is what it looks like:


Thanks for letting us know. I think someone is looking into it. But since it is the weekend, the people who can actually fix it might not be available.

In the meanwhile, you could give the new start page a try. It is still in an alpha state. But I wouldn’t mind if a few beta testers started using it and provided feedback about it. :slightly_smiling_face:



I gave it a quick look. It looks more modern overall (round edges everywhere), I like that spins are given more spotlight since not everyone uses GNOME. In my opinion the user documentation should be placed higher than “latest solved issues”.


I think the idea is to make the more “dynamic” content the most visible so that people always see something “new” when they open their browser. Since those docs links never change, people might get tired of seeing them take up space on their home page after a while. We want people to keep the start page as their home page and not get bored with it and change it to something else.

Edit: It might make sense to move one of those boxes to the other side of the page and give them equal visibility though.

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That’s better since docs are important and deserve attention. I agree having dynamic content more visible is better.

I keep the homepage on Fedora’s start page because I mostly care for Fedora magazine articles (and I generally don’t change the defaults if they don’t bother me :slight_smile: )

With JavaScript disabled, the entire page above the fold is empty on a 1920x1080 display. Only the Communication channels section is visible but it’s below the fold.

Yeah. It could be made to only update when the full site is rebuilt like the current site does (so the js would only run server-side and the client would not need js). But I’m not sure that they want to do a full rebuild of this new site every few hours like the current site does. I’ll have to ask about that. The tradeoff is how frequently the content on the page can update.

Oh no, I’m not asking for backend changes like that. Users with JS disabled
won’t be bothered that there’s no dynamic content like latest magazine articles.
I’m just saying there shouldn’t be empty space if the dynamic content doesn’t

There’s a min-height applied to the div that contains the dynamic content.

<div class="min-h-screen bg-fp-gray-lightest dark:bg-neutral-
.min-h-screen {
  min-height: 100vh;

I guess that’s necessary (?) to prevent the page from shifting around as things
load, but it should be applied only if things would load (i.e. if JS is

I’m not familiar with Nuxt or current webdev practices, but back in the day,
this type of issue was solved by adding a class (e.g. no-js) to the html
that is changed to another class (js) by a script on page load. Then
you could style accordingly for users with/without JS:

.js .min-h-screen {
  /* user has JS */
  min-height: 100vh;
.no-js .min-h-screen {
  /* user doesn't have JS */

I’m sure the people working on this have a better idea what to do.

Also, content that isn’t dynamic, like the docs links, should be shown as well
(in the same way the Communication channels section is shown without JS).

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… I have javascript enabled in Firefox and the fedora start page always shows totaly empty “news from Fedora-Magazine” …

The JS discussion is regarding the new start page that Gregory mentioned, not the current start page.

… oh sorry, I missed that …

i have filed an issue on the fedora-infra tracker about this



Thank you very much Ryan.

Thanks Ryan! I would never have guessed that it was being caused by a unicode character in one of the posts. Glad you were able to track that down. It appears to be working now.

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yeah, i tried to explain it a bit in the ticket, but basically the top paragraph had a   at the end of it for some reason – and it broke the translation step. (the actual building of the html from the feed worked ok)

also, i figured we can just skip fixing the underlying issue, since the rewrite is so far along (and looking fantastic i might add :slight_smile: )

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@rlengland: Just making sure you caught what Ryan said – keep an eye out for any   in the Fedora Magazine posts that shouldn’t be there or else it will bring down the main Fedora landing page!