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Every design change (to the pages) fedoraproject.org this past month or two has been a bit horrible, starting with the too wide line spacing. You’d be better off going back to the old page design.

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You mean this here Fedora Linux | The Fedora Project ?

I am not so sure if this is intentional what we see now. I could not find any changes related in the Gitlab repo. 3 month back there was a change for the start.fp.o page. Have a look if you find something.


We haven’t changed much at all in several months on our end. Perhaps you’ve been changing your browser settings?


I ca see the same … the font and spacing is bigger. Have a look on the actual Site and the link I posted to see the difference.

Ok. If you didn’t change the format, perhaps fedora kde changed something that makes it appear you did. I see no such changes anywhere else, though. But here, the page design is clearly different even though the browser (Firefox) settings are the same.
Sheesh. You’ve got me wondering what I’ll see if I use Vivaldi, though.

Ctrl & 0 and It’s the same size as the link I posted … really strange.

A zoom factor was active.

I see this when I follow the links in post 1 and 2. You are using a different URL as can be seen in the addressbar. The size is a bit different, I have both pages @100% browser-setting on the same monitor and at the bottom you see a small difference:

On the left the page linked in post 1, on the right the one in post 2.

It’s not the forum. It’s firefox that’s making the site look different. Vivaldi shows it as it should.

Both links are identical for me using Firefox as well as Chrome.

It’s not for me, on Firefox, LibreWolf, Thorium.

All identical.

The first thing to do in this sort of situation is usually to test out with a fresh Firefox/Chrome or whatever profile (or a private window where the current profile’s settings do not apply). That helps to figure out if it’s related to the current profile in use.

If a new profile shows the same issues, then we start looking into fresh profiles with multiple browsers to learn if it’s a browser specific issue and take it from there.