Fedora Workstation 36, printing on Windows, using wi-fi

Greetings, dear community!
I just became a Fedora user and faced a strange problem the solution of which I could not find on the internet. Thus my only hope remains the community.
Okay, to the problem:

  • I have Fedora Workstation 36 [Gnome DE] on my working laptop.
  • There’s a Wi-Fi router and all the Computers and laptops are connected to the same network (the name is the same for all the devices)
  • The rest of the computers are running Windows 10, and all of them detect each other, share files and folders, devices etc. So they have no problem to “see” each other.
  • I have a Samsung ML-2160 printer connected to a Windows 10 machine via usb.
  • As I mentioned before, all the Windows devices do “see” this printer and are able to use it, printing whatever they wish.
  • My goal is to connect to that network and have similar opportunities, especially to use that printer.

How can I do that?

I suppose it’s required to have a clear and actual step-by-step guide in order to achieve the result in an effective way which I could not find so far. So, please, help me to do it.
Thanks in advance

Welcome to ask.fedora @lilit

Try to connect your computers printer website and see if you can search for a printer in your network.
http://localhost:631/printers > Printing over CUPS.

Help you to do what? A actual step by step guide or help to find one?

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