Fedora will stop like CentOS?

I’m a new fedora user and I’m very interesting to learn Fedora and Fedora Server But sometimes I feel that It will continue or stop like CentOS because I’m a Redhat Lover on the other hand Ubuntu also one of popular OS, It has two forums also but still I love fedora.

Moral of my question is if I continue Fedora can learn to edge from community guides from Fedora Discussion and please guide me any online site to learn fedora well.

Thank You!

Fedora has a Documentation that is contiously improving, you can find it in Fedora Documentation :: Fedora Docs

The so called “Quick Docs” have valueable guides too, see Fedora Quick Docs :: Fedora Docs

Other than that, I would recommend just using it and you will learn as you go. If you hit problems or a wall, you are very welcome to ask here. That’s what the forum is for.

Also, the underlying GNU Linux isn’t all that different from Ubuntu.

I would’t be too worried about that. RHEL needs Fedora, and the Fedora community is strong.


CentOS as a mid-stream between RHEL and Fedora evolved into CentOS Stream. I think the title resembles speculation and sensationalism liked by pundits and journalists.

The Fedora project is not owned by one big entity or shareholders, but run by community members.

Check this onboarding guide - Join SIG and hang out on one of communication channels. We are looking forward to helping you.