Fedora Silverblue

I wanted to enquire is Fedora Silverblue in Beta or is it released as Stable?

If it is in Beta, then would Silverblue come to regular Fedora when it is released as stable?

Hello @joe131 and welcome to the community.

Do you mean Fedora Silverblue?

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Hi, thank you very much :slight_smile:

Oh yes sorry I will fix the title.

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Beta? Stable? Whit Silverblue this is not the point IMHO.
It is pretty stable. In the sense that it works as a regular Fedora Workstation works. And the idea comes from a well tested server system.
If you want, it is beta because it is still not widely adopted, so there are not as many users as any other distro has, so you will not find many blog posts, howtos, reports, support, etc.

But the point is: it is a slightly different way to manage daily workflows. You should change a little bit the way you accomplish some tasks related to system and software management.
Again you have to change a little bit your mind in order to use Silverblue efficiently.
Somebody thinks that this will be the future of Linux distributions. Are you ready for the future? :smile:

This is my opinion.
There is another forum with a category entirely dedicated to Silverblue: #silverblue topics
Maybe here you can read various opinions and you can build a better idea on how things work.


Thanks for the link :slight_smile:

Looks very interesting and I have not used Linux that much so I am a newbie over here :slight_smile: But yeah sure I might use this as my daily driver.

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If you have the time, you could watch this interesting Fedora classroom session: “Getting to know Silverblue” Fedora Classroom Getting to Know Silverblue - YouTube


I will check it out.

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