Fedora Silverblue: Suggestion to add secondary storage

So i’m happy with Silverblue overall, I’m looking for a suggestion on a situation.
I have a secondary SATA drive from an old installation that has my steam library on it.
I’ve mounted the drive and got Silverblue to access it properly…

What i’m curious on is anyone has suggestions on a tutorial or reference about figuring out what SELinux types/labels I should apply to it so it’s not Unlabeled/untyped. I’ve have an overall concept of SElinux and I’d like to start getting comfortable with figuring out what types/labels to apply for selinux encforcing, I’ve already found tutorials on how to apply types/labels in general.

Seems like I would need something types/labelwise that would work with:
Whatever the user process automount is,
Flatpak Steam,
Flatpak Lutris,
Flatpak Retroarch.
And Maybe Libvirt for VM storage.