Fedora Server - cockpit-file-sharing

Hi all,

I’m running Fedora Server 40 and want to set up file sharing. I came across the article about the Cockpit File Sharing app and it sounds perfect.

I’m reviewing this documentation with regards to installing cockpit-file-sharing: File sharing with NFS – Administration using Cockpit :: Fedora Docs Staging.

I get the following error:

Has this app been removed from DNF in v40?

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

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Please checkout the requisites:

Refer to File sharing with NFS – Installation and check if everything is properly installed and configured


I did check out that doc before posting, and confirm I have all three of those modules installed - seems to be the default setup.

The issue is that when I try to install it via terminal, it’s shown as missing from DNF:

Unfortunately no maintainer … that’s why is it orphaned. Last version was F39.

You could try to download the F39 package and try to install it localy.

That would explain it, thanks for sharing. I didn’t actually find that in a search engine query I guess I didn’t look hard enough!

A real shame because it would have taken care of all the hardwork and terminal commands to set up file sharing manually.

Thanks for your help, you’ve answered the question.

The instructions for Rocky 8 also work for Fedora 40:
GitHub - 45Drives/cockpit-file-sharing: A Cockpit plugin to easily manage samba and NFS file sharing.

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Added file-sharing, howto

Amazing thanks again - you’ve saved me today! I dreaded having to figure out setting up shares in Terminal. Thank you everyone.