Cockpit application for NFS/Samba shares?

This is a post where I suggest work without any commitment to helping. I’m
sorry. :slight_smile:

I’m trying to help someone here:

… where they’re trying to set up an NFS/Samba share using Cockpit. That
seems like it should be easy. Now, this particular person is new and
there’s some basic concepts to work on first, but… also, it turns out
Cockpit doesn’t actually have an included tool for doing that. This kind of
surprises me, but is also the kind of thing I just don’t know because I’m
not a working sysadmin anymore. (I kind of miss it sometimes…)

I talked to Stephen Gallagher and this is something he was looking at but
doesn’t have time for. There is a third-party add-on
GitHub - 45Drives/cockpit-file-sharing: A Cockpit plugin to easily manage samba and NFS file sharing. which looks pretty great,
but is specifically made for 45Drives, and may be difficult to generalize
and package for Fedora Server.

But that seems really worth doing. Anyone interested in taking that on?


@mattdm: I could recommend this as a student project at the university where I work (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville). One downside to that would be that it would be a year before the completed project could be delivered. The reason that it would take so long is that these student projects are split up across two semesters – fall and spring. I think the first semester is concentrated on design of the user interface and the second semester focuses on the actual implementation. But they don’t offer these courses in the summer. So it would be the end of the Fall 2022 semester before they would have something to deliver.

Would you be OK with this?

In case this is helpful for anyone, I managed to get the 45 Drives application running on a clean install with the following steps

$ sudo dnf install python3 samba nfs-utils git

$ git clone
$ cd cockpit-file-sharing
$ sudo make install

$ sudo nano /etc/samba/smb.conf

add “include = registry” under [global] section

$ systemctl enable --now rpcbind nfs-server 

refresh cockpit


To circle back on this, the cockpit-file-sharing package is now available in Fedora now.

dnf install cockpit-file-sharing