Fedora root on ZFS - guide

Does anybody know of a full guide to install fedora on zfs root partition, on uefi.
If not, can someone create such a guide, for single disk setup.

i am aware only of e.g. https://gist.github.com/kpfleming/05b3ba981c70f8f892e136d1bc6e1884 for a current script (not tested)
and How to install Fedora on top of ZFS — Rudd-O.com for an older fedora version (not tested).

Any other guides would be still welcome.

This is the most recent guide I have seen:

I used these two guides which are a bit outdated and adapted them for my needs:

Just a fair warning to future readers that Fedora on a zfs root is not an ideal project for the beginner.

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We might need a quick docs for this. @florian @FranciscoD :slightly_smiling_face:

No need to tag us—we’re not in-charge of docs (no one is). You know what to do—help folks open a PR at quick-docs :slight_smile:


More info on quick docs here: