Set openzfs with fedora 35


Is there a way to use openzfs with fedora installation i can’t find this actually i am looking into for a homeserver. Ubuntu have that but fedora doesn’t so anyone know about.

Did you see this ?

Fedora — OpenZFS documentation


Yes, lots of people use zfs with Fedora.

The openzfs documentation linked above describes what you need.

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I know but i am going to use the fedora workstation not the server edition.

And what is your doubt? What you can install on as server you should also be able to install on a Workstation.

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But while installing anaconda doesn’t show me zfs

You want ‘ZFS on root’?

Then this is the right piece of documentation:

It is linked on the first docs page that was suggested here.

it won’t because it doesn’t support it - you will have to create your custom partition layout according to the guide.

just fyi:

Think of them as the same - they are the same distribution, Workstation just comes with a Desktop Environment.

Yes i know and i want DE on my home server. Okey thanks but it why fedora don’t support zfs with anaconda as ubuntu support that.i will do it tomorrow according to the guide.

Fedora Linux provides you with Btrfs, which is similar to ZFS (for the fact that it is a Copy-On-Write (COW) filesystem that has a lot of modern, cool features like snapshotting and “send | receive”.

Why ZFS? Maybe Btrfs is good for you.

ZFS in Fedora requires some knowledge and maintenance work. You need to make sure that the kernel module build and load upon kernel updates. ZFS on root, or root on ZFS can be complicated. If there is not this one single ZFS feature that you need, better use Btrfs.


It was recommended and i find on web that for storage server zfs pools are the best choice.
I will use btrfs i know it is good but not sure about a server but it is okey thanks
But i think suppot should be there.

As long as nobody maintains it it will not be included.

It is highly unlikely that Fedora will ever have “out of the box” zfs support due to the license issues.


I see maybe if openzfs change its license to gpl from cddl so it will be easier for to use zfs easily. Thanks

You can read up on the history if you would like but there is almost no chance of that happening either. It isn’t within the control of the OpenZFS team.

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Yes i find it and most of the contributor are not coming back for changing license.
History was bad for openzfs. Thanks

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ZFS as storage file system is different from root on ZFS. For the latter, If you update your kernel and the zfs module hasn’t been updated, you won’t be able to read from your root file system and you won’t be able to boot. On ZFS as storage pool, may be the best.

Yes i find it i will create a pool later now i will use btrfs

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