Fedora problems with NVIDIA driver

Hi all, I’ve reported a problem with Brawlhalla game which stopped working with Fedora 39 update, and reported it to Steam Github, but the answer was that there is a problem with NVIDIA drivers, can someone help me?

Here’s the link with the initial problem in Steam https://github.com/ValveSoftware/Proton/issues/83#issuecomment-1807137099

Properly best to report to Nvidia - as the restricted driver is close source.

Looking at the link you provided it seems quite possible that the nvidia driver is not properly loading and working. and llvmpipe is being used as a CPU based fallback

First show us the driver is loaded properly with either the output of lsmod | grep nvidia or nvidia-smi

Then ensure that when you click on the steam icon to launch steam ensure you right click and select launch using discrete graphics card if you are using a laptop with optimus based graphics.