Fedora preinstall / OEM installation

I recently tried the OEM install option when doing a test with Ubuntu 20.10. With this option, you do a full install (including a temporary user creation), patch and install whatever packages and such you want, then you run their prepare-for-shipping-to-end-user utility and shutdown the machine. The next time the machine boots, the user is prompted through many of the initial configuration steps including creating their user account.

Does Fedora provide any official method for doing this kind of thing? I would imagine something might exist since it’s pre-installed on some Lenovo machines, and I would assume when you first boot one of those machines, there’s a wizard that walks you though choosing keyboard layout, date/time, and configuring your user account.

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I don’t have the official answer, but probably lenovo has done that config on their own.

You might look at what the Ubuntu tools actually do then recreate them for your use. If you do then it certainly would be appreciated if you could share your findings with the community.