Fedora on MacBookPro11,1?

Hello everyone,

I have a MacBookPro 11,1 that is going to get out of macos updates soon. I have already tried fedora on a desktop computer and I would like to use it on the Mac. However, I have a firmware password that I need to get rid off before I can even try fedora on it. To get rid of it I need to pay.

So I would like to know if it is worth it trying, i.e. will it work well and be able to use all the hardware on it.

This Mac is my main computer and I am not good at trouble shooting nor I have the time for a lot of it, I know how to navigate the command line but not much more.

Thank you very much for your help.

I do not use a mac, but from the posts here it seems like yours should work.

Before you start you should know that your system likely has a broadcom wifi chipset and thus will require that you install the proper drivers from rpmfusion for it. It may require that one use a wifi dongle that is supported by fedora initially to connect and install the proper driver for that chipset.

I believe the package name needed is broadcom-wl.

Not the same Mac, but I have MBP 10,2, all works OOTB, except WiFi - share your mobile data via usb (or use a USB WiFi dongle), enable RPMFusion, install akmod and broadcom-wl, reboot and WiFi should work.

Thank you very much for both of your replies. Would you say fedora runs well on you MBP 10,2? How about the battery life? Cause I would say mine is already weak.

I’d say 3, maybe 4 hours. Old battery too and desktop class CPU in a laptop body makes it hot… Of course it is possible to switch to the Battery saving mode. Potentially that could help reduce heat and extend battery life a bit. But I haven’t tried that for extended periods of time.

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