Fedora on 32-bit ppc?

I know this is a longshot, since 32-bit ppc was dropped as a primary arch a while ago, but I was recently given a Power Mac G4 at work and I’m interested in doing something with it with Linux or BSD, so I’m curious if there might still be some highly dedicated group keeping 32-bit ppc images and some set of packages alive for Fedora?

You really asked tough question because as you may already know old arm-32 bit support dropped and i686 iso support dropped too. Plus there was change request[1] for about i686 packages. Also AFAIK we only build “ppc64le” packages so, I guess it is no-go to me. So yes it is very longshot :slight_smile:

[1] : Changes/EncourageI686LeafRemoval - Fedora Project Wiki

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I figured that was likely going to be the case. Thanks for confirming!

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