Fedora KDE upgrade to 32: impossible to modify Desktop Background and lock screen, even manually

I updated to KDE 32 a desktop and a laptop (HP spectre X360-15): in both cases the sddm login and lock screens and the desktop background did not update to the new style. Only the sddm login screen can be changed via system settings.
Any suggestion?

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Is it same if you create a new test-user?

I’ll try and then tell you what happens.

I am using it from F31 to F32 Server wiith GUI - KDE.
I don’t seem to have any major problems in setting up or using KDE in the system upgrade part.

Installing the latest nvidia driver for graphics card recognition in the existing settings is a bit cumbersome. However, the upgrade part was natural and there was no abnormality.

I also use sddm. If you have a problem, changing the KDE theme seems like a good idea.

but VirutualBox with virtualization support does not support “Using 3D acceleration” of the graphics controller.

by simmon. Have a Great Day!

Thank you all.
Unfortunately adding a new user does not change things. The only difference I see is that it looks like it is not even possible to change the screen scale and that on the desktop of the new user the scale seems to be set to a very high value… Both systems are equipped with an Nvidia card (Quadro K5200 the desktop and MX150 the laptop) and both are working at 4k resolution. I apparently had no problem with the upgrade of the nvidia driver on both systems.
After the upgrade on the laptop I tried to force a change of the desktop global theme to the new breeze layout, as I don’t like too much the theme supplied with fedora 31, but this resulted in a grainy desktop wallpaper on which the mouse cursor becomes so tiny that it is hard to find on the screen. It returns to its original when it is over an application window. The application windows changed their aspect to the new one after the upgrade.
It looks like there is something wrong in the handling of the wallpapers by kde, but I am not able to figure out what it can be.
When I am back to my laptop I’ll try to upload a couple of screenshots of my desktop to give you a closer idea of what I mean. I hope that the huge resolution of my monitors will not lead to an image too big to be uploaded.


Here are the screenshots I promised. Sorry is only a small part of the screen, but a full screeshot takes several tenths of MBytes.
Hope that now it is clearer what I mean.



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Shall I reinstall kde?
Will “dnf group uninstall KDE” and then “dnf group install KDE” work if launched from recovery?
What will I loose?

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I think it’s better to either install with F31, or delay the upgrade until the F32 stabilizes. However, I think it will be normalized in a short time.
I will either reinstall the F32 management equipment I have already installed with the F31 or wait for some time.

So you are sduggesting me to wait until I see some kde upgrades installed. It is a bit hard to fight with a tiny mouse pointer on a 4K resolution screen on my 15"laptop. On the desktop I am still living with a F31 wallpaper on a F32 installation.