Default background of Fedora 32 cannot be selected on change background


Thank you for this amazing new version ! It looks awesome. I performed the upgrade on two computers and I love it !

I still faced one weird thing for one computer. After the upgrade to Fedora 32, the background is still the default background of Fedora 31. When right clicking on my desktop and selecting “change background”, I can’t select the default background of Fedora 32.

Change background|690x387

When searching for installed packages, I do see the fedora-32-backgrounds packages installed for both computers:

$ dnf history userinstalled | grep backgrounds

I do find the default background on my drive:

$ pwd
$ ls
f32.png  f32-static.xml  f32.xml

I’ve been able to set it with the appearance tool by selecting directly the file:

But it still does not appear as select-able in the change background tool if I go back in it. As it is present only on one of the two computers, the other one does not have any issue, I think there may be a configuration issue on the second one but I don’t know where I should start my research. Could you please help me ?

Thank you very much for your help !


I second this. This happens both on upgrades and fresh installs of Workstation and Silverblue (x86_64) builds respectively.

Same here. Even after removing the f31 and reinstalling the f32 ones, with restart of Gnome.