Fedora KDE spin 31 cannot update

keep getting the error “loading of MD_TYPE_PRIMARY has failed.” Plese help.

Hi.  Is this a first attempt to upgrade?  Fresh install?
Bugzilla entry found with help of search engine by query loading of MD_TYPE_PRIMARY.

no, I’ve updated before but I had to downgrade some kde packages because of probles with qt. Honestly, it’s been one problem after another.

that link said something about zchunk, and sometimes the error message says something about zchunk.

@zwilbum’s above → Try to disable one of these DNF options?

here is the zchunk error:

"repodata fedora was not complete: Checksum error /var/cache/PackageKit/31/metadata/fedora-31-x86_64/repodata/d601f9ef02bca6948263031733c69a1dbdc8ad11750d4e8dbd91256d775ecaf5-filelists.xml.zck: Unable to read zchunk lead "

If dnf clean all doesn’t did this already (maybe it shouldn't), try to delete the PackageKit cache by hand:

rm -rf /var/cache/PackageKit/

nope, that didn’t work either.

Error message is the same?

yes. I did dnf --refresh upgrade and it happened again.

As I said earlier, zchunk = false is already in there.

the problems have gotten out of control. I have no choice, I have to reinstall Kubuntu. Thank you all for your help.

  Try "False" (capital f).