Fedora jam no integrated gpu

Hi everyone I would like to install fedora jam on my computer, but when I launch fedora jam live with a usb key bootable the screen freeze.
I think the problem comes from the gpu.

The computer is an msi with an i5 10th with an nvidia gtx 1660, there is no integrated gpu Thank you in advance for your help

As i remember it uses KDE Plamsma destop? Especially this combination makes problems.

Yes it’s KDE desktop, i don’t know what to do maybe another linux distribution make it better ??

You tried both x11 and wayland?

This is up to you! You could also search again, you do have new parameters for it.

Use live Iso, kde & nvidia to see if you can boot with a parameter to make the live iso working.

No because i don’t know what is x11 and wayland :thinking:

I’m gonna try other distribution who supported nvidia gpu

You can try a fedora 34 iso. There the default login is still x11.

X11 is a display server. And wayland is a new type of display server with more security.

Ok thank for your answer i’m gonna try it :slight_smile: