Fedora for SaaS Business?

I know this is a strange question. But I want to know Is Fedora used for SaaS business, such as SubscriptionFlow or subscription business models? How did you arrange your folders? Looking for organization suggestions.
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Try this - Build your SaaS with Red Hat

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Could you provide more specifics please? What particular services are you looking for? Fedora is a general purpose operating system, so it can certainly be used as a base for any number of services—so that’s a bit vague.

Also, what does this have to do with organisation of folders?

Thanks for your link but I know “What is SaaS” :face_with_peeking_eye:

I am asking for an open source and cloud base platform where one parent file could be titled company name and inside company name you have child folder like tax receipts, customer projects, company marketing, ect

You should contact different SaaS providers with your detailed requirements and they should tell you if they are offering Open Source OS’s support. One hint could be RedHat, where you can find out more concerning your demand.


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Are you looking for a ready to go service or would you like to build your own service?
Would you like to get ideas what fedora users use?

There are no strange questions, mostly it just misses some information to understand what the OP would like to achieve and what kind of help he looks for.

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SaaS is usually some sort of software running on a server so I’m not sure if it is a Fedora question. As long as you are using a supported OS for the SaaS software it should work, that could be something like Fedora server, Ubuntu LTS, RHEL…

However I recommend something that is not on the leading edge like Fedora as a server to host the SaaS, something like Ubuntu LTS or RHEL. Not that Fedora is bad, but it updates often which has higher chance of breaking.


Fedora is just the OS and whatever software being provided as a service just runs on top of that. I’ve been managing Linux at the enterprise level for banks and other businesses and can tell you that most large enterprises are running on RHEL, CentOS, or Ubuntu. Because Fedora is upstream from RHEL it receives a lot more updates at a faster rate and not recommended for production use at that scale.

As for your service your looking for; it sounds like you’re just looking for some shared file storage and there’s the obvious large ones like Dropbox and whatever, but you could also deploy and manage a NextCloud server. Digital Ocean has their one click apps that will give you a NextCloud server, but those one click apps are all on Ubuntu.


So you’re looking for remote file storage where you can organise folders? Like NextCloud? Or are you looking for something more sophisticated with databases and so on—but then, for what specific purpose?

In general, as others have noted, Fedora is just a general purpose operating system that can be used for pretty much anything. You can use any cloud provider to set up various services—lots of cloud providers will also provide Fedora as a base operating system, for example.


On this web link, there is more info about - not only what it is but also - the RedHat (Fedora’s main sponsor) solution in the SasS area.

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