RHEL and Fedora Dual Boot possible?


I’m asking you if Fedora and RedHat Enterprise Linux can be installed side by side in dual boot?
Thanks in advance for the answers!

I dont see why you wouldnt be able to, just make enough space for both, install, and grub should detect both on boot

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Okay. I install in Legacy mode and then only give one to both systems. And 2 separate partitions but on one hard drive.

Thank you for your honorable reply.

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1 boot partition
1 partition for fedora
1 partition for rhel

and 1 swap partition if needed*

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Okey, But which one should I install first?

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Or a separate / boot partition for the two systems? But how big it should be

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which ever one you want to install first doesnt matter but generally make the boot partition 512-1024MB

I don’t know why you want to do that rhel is a solid distro for enterprise and with older kernel and packages and fedora actually become next rhel so if you really have no such specific reason then use any of them
Rhel if you can’t take downtime like business system scientific calculation and stuff at a cost of older packages. Orbwant a extremely stable system with high security and instant help from rh group.
Fedora robust desktop and light server class os provide newer kernel and package which is stable enough.
If still want rhel should be first and fedora second.

Yes, it’s all true but I like the RHEL system and develop smaller apps in C ++ / C # / Java. At such a hobby level. And I have this no cost subscription. Thanks for telling me which one to use first. That’s how it will be!

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Red Hat isn’t really free with low cost developer subscription giving a stable enterprise grade development platform. If you want the kick of cutting edge RHEL use Fedora SilverBlue or Rawhide editions on a separate device … different, interesting and somewhat unstable.

Having Red Hat and Fedora together is a bit pointless …

Oh yeah, I have this no cost RHEL and I registered in February so it is. I tend to do smaller GitHub projects. But it’s interesting that Fedora and RedHat live together.

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Watch if you want to pay for rhel or you have rhel subs for free or at a low cost rhel is extremely good and stable user experience but if you have 8.5 (recommend) is the newest but if you want a in between state of rhel and fedora cent os steam 9 will be a good option which is derived from fedora 34 with rhels enterprise stuff implemented.

Yeah, as mentioned, that is a development version and not intended for commercial or server use. It is free to use personally but not commercially. I have the same and I use fedora on my PC and RHEL on a VM hosted by fedora. Thus I am not actually dual booting but can have both fully operational at the same time.

Oh, I see. Let’s say I also want to learn from RHEL. I find it interesting and once I become an administrator and have a budget for it I would get a Red Back Certification.