Fedora Flatpak remote article

I know this isn’t Fedora Linux specific, but I believe there should be an article about the Fedora Flatpak remote. Adding the Fedora remote is a good first step, and then we can expand on e.g. where to open issues, how it compares with Flathub, what the differences are to OCI images, etc.

Getting access to the Fedora remote is already difficult, and it was even worse before I started posting online. Most pages regarding Fedora Flatpak don’t really explain what the purpose of it is, so that article should be really useful.

It’s good to promote Flatpak’s decentralization too and show that there are alternatives to Flathub. And even better, how Flatpak remotes can differ from one another.

I’d be happy to write the article. I have good knowledge with Flatpak and wouldn’t mind doing a lot more research on the Fedora remote, since I have to admit that I know very little of it because of the poor documentation.


Documenting the Fedora Flatpak remote sounds like a good article idea. +1

@theevilskeleton +1 I’ve opened Card #75 for you.

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