Matrix room request for Fedora Flatpaks

Edit: follow Issue #48: Matrix room request for Fedora Flatpaks - irc -


I’m writing an article regarding Fedora Flatpaks. However, I believe there should be a Matrix room specifically for Fedora Flatpaks, perhaps Fedora Flatpaks lacks a lot of documentation and getting access to them is extremely difficult.

The only place I can find important info about it is on YouTube, but videos are low quality, long, and can be hard to understand in general. The general chat is, as the name implies, the general chat, so I don’t think it’s a good place to ask questions. One person has been really helpful so far, but I’d prefer having a room dedicated to Fedora Flatpaks.

Having said that, this could be really helpful for people like me who want to know about Fedora Flatpaks. I think it is cool, but many people don’t see why it exists when Flathub is a lot more accessible and seemingly makes more sense to an average user’s perspective. The purpose of this article is to give reasons why Fedora Flatpaks should exist, but the fact that asking for help in general regarding it is extremely difficult and really makes it look like it has less reasons to exist.

Lastly, I have knowledge on Flatpak. I’ve written some manifests myself, so I wouldn’t mind helping out when someone has trouble writing a manifest.


Issues - irc - for the room-creation tracker. There’s a little backlog since @nb has been very busy.

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