Fedora default bookmarks keep showing after deletion

Hey there. I like to a good grip on my bookmarks and I’ve noticed that, after deletion, fedora default bookmarks keep showing on suggested in my search bar - with a blue star - even though I’ve got rid of them.

Firefox version → 110.0
Fedora version → 37

(Here you can see bookmarks as suggestions)

If you need a screenshot of my bookmark manager I will gladly obligue. Hope you guys can give me some advice!

I wanted to update this post. It seems that if you add the bugged bookmarks and delete them again the glitch solves itself. I’d like to know the cause nonetheless. If I had to especulate, I guess the glitch had to do with the fact that I was syncing my firefox account at the moment I deleted default firefox bookmarks.

I share screenshot with proof of the problem being solved