Firefox now is shipped without habitual fedora project links at favorites panel (bookmarks)

I recently found that Firefox is being shipped since F35 (and now confirmed at F36) without the habitual fedora project links at favorites panel (all the bookmarks about fedora project, fedora magazine, user communities, red hat and free content). I opened ticket 2054953 at bugzilla and an issue at pagure too.
Is that really a bug or a feature?


This would seem to be a feature IMHO. I’ve always found pre-added bookmarks or extensions to be entirely unwelcome in any OS.


Same, I’d love if there was some kind of partnership between Fedora and Mozilla, similar to the one between them and Mint in order to make this an official thing instead of a possible bug, possibly promoting… idk, having the Flatpak as the official version maybe? Or just this?


It seems someone fixed that. Today’s F36 workstation ISO have the bookmarks again.

Aw that’s a shame.