Fedora CoreOS on shared bare metal HDD

Taking my first steps with CoreOS on a small bare metal server. Looking for a way to persist the relevant application data (basically everything created by containers) on the same HDD.

My idea was to create a storage partition like /dev/sda1 and CoreOS gets the Rest of the drive. Is this feasible? If so, how would one define it in the ignition file.


Yeah I know it would probably be easier to get a separate HDD and use it for storage, but as I am only playing around so far, I don’t want to change the hardware specs.

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You can put data partitions on the installation disk. See docs here.

By convention, the data partitions go at the end of the disk. It’s possible to put them at the beginning, but then your Ignition config would need to redeclare all of the OS default partitions.

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Thx for the link - but wouldn’t that erase the data on the extra partition when a fresh install is being performed?

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If the storage.filesystems entry doesn’t specify wipe_filesystem: true, Ignition will reuse any existing filesystem in the partition that matches the spec (same format, label, etc.), or else create a new filesystem if none is detected, or else fail if there’s an existing filesystem that doesn’t match the spec.

Are you looking to preserve pre-existing data from before Fedora CoreOS is installed, or to preserve data across reinstallations of Fedora CoreOS?

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The later, I would like to have a plain partition that in case of disaster I just can mount in another PC and get everything I need (so no container volumes … etc.)

And yeah I don’t mind my drive being wipped in the first run of installing CoreOS but if I want to re-install or an update breaks I need to data storage to be intact.

Will take a look and try it out, thx.

So thx again for the right direction. I was confused by the naming of the device. /dev/disk/by-id/coreos-boot-disk looked to me as something I would have to substitute manually, but in fact I don’t have to. Great!

For me the topic is resolved.