Coreos cosa partitions layout

ok, building coreos images with cosa and a modified fedora-coreos-config, ive built and tested all my images as functional, however id like to build an image with a modified partition layout, adding a few slices, and a core.ign with a custom configuration so where in the fedora-core-os are the partition layout files that could be modified for my use case? basically its for a live memory based deployment. so ignition after boot not going to really cut it. Thanks.

The partition layout is implemented in in cosa.

great, thanks ill look at it, so Im assuming cosa creates the image disk layout, which is inherited by buildextended metal, metal4k and finally live ? so live would load that partition scheme. does cosa also do the luks for FDE ? can fde be accomplished on a live usb.

cosa creates qemu and metal images from scratch using to do the partitioning, and also creates live images from scratch. The live images embed a residual copy of the metal images using “osmet”; check the coreos-installer docs for more details. All other image types are created by modifying the qemu image.

cosa doesn’t do anything to support FDE directly; that’s configured with Ignition during first boot. There’s no mechanism for doing FDE for the OS bits on a live image, since there’s nothing secret about the live image itself, but you can use Ignition to encrypt a data partition used by the live system.

yeah theres the issue, we are looking to fde the usb stick and boot live into memory, not using ignition or external sources. guess some hacking on cosa to see if i can get luks into it.