Fedora CoreOS `next` 38.20230310.1.0 will not receive updates

Last week’s Fedora CoreOS next release, 38.20230310.1.0, introduced an issue causing boot failures on aarch64 after updating from an older Fedora CoreOS release. We detected the problem and withdrew the release before any user systems were affected. The release was available from our website and stream metadata for three days, and was never rolled out to existing nodes.

To fix the boot failure, upcoming releases will automatically perform a one-time bootloader update on aarch64 systems. As a consequence, any systems installed on (or manually updated to) 38.20230310.1.0, on any CPU architecture, cannot be updated to future Fedora CoreOS releases and must be reinstalled. Affected systems will display a warning message upon SSH login:

This release is a dead-end and will not further auto-update:

Other than systems running 38.20230310.1.0, no manual intervention is required.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us in the Fedora CoreOS issue or in #fedora-coreos on Libera.Chat.

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