Fedora CoreOS `testing` 38.20231027.2.0 and `next` 39.20231022.1.0 may not receive updates

Some recent releases of Fedora CoreOS on testing and next introduced an issue [[1]] that could prevent them from updating further. The issue was introduced in release 38.20231027.2.0 on the
testing stream, and release 39.20231022.1.0 on the next stream.

The issue is fixed in the latest testing and next releases rolling out over the next day (39.20231101.2.1 and 39.20231106.1.1 respectively), but systems may not have been able to update to them. To verify if a system is affected, run systemctl status zincati.service and look for error messages like “EMFILE: Too many open files”.

Affected systems can be fixed by using the following commands:

mkdir -p /run/zincati/config.d

cat > /run/zincati/config.d/99-immediate.toml << EOF
strategy = "immediate"
rollout_wariness = 0

systemctl restart zincati

This will make Zincati immediately update the system.

Luckily, we believe the stable stream should not be affected. While the issue did make it to stable, a fixed release was made quickly enough to avoid any systems getting stuck. However, if using an update strategy other than immediate, you should confirm that the host system has been updated to release 38.20231027.3.2.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us in the Fedora CoreOS issue [1] or in #coreos:fedoraproject.org on Matrix.

Jonathan Lebon, for the Fedora CoreOS team

[1] Zincati fails to update nodes: Too many open files · Issue #1608 · coreos/fedora-coreos-tracker · GitHub

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