Fedora Appreciation Week 2023: Day 2

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Today is Day 2 of Fedora Appreciation Week. :tada: In celebration of the Fedora Project, our twenty-year anniversary, and the community of people that make Fedora what it is, the DEI team has gathered contributor stories, social media posts, and photos from the community to feature here daily throughout Appreciation Week. :blue_heart:

Is there someone you wish to express gratitude to? Would you like to share your appreciation with Fedora? Discover how you can be part of the celebration of 20 years of Fedora and participate in Fedora Appreciation Week.

Contributor Stories

Today’s Contributor Stories come from two people: Jona Azizaj and Daimar Stein.

Thank you Fedora Mentor Summit team

Contributor Story #4 from Jona Azizaj (jonatoni)

Who is your story about?: Fedora Mentor Summit organizing team: Akashdeep Dhar (t0xic0der), Amita Sharma (amsharma), Justin W. Flory (jflory7), Smera Goel (smeragoel), Sumantro Mukherjee (sumantrom), Vipul Siddharth (siddharthvipul1)

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In 2023, we proudly hosted the second edition of the Fedora Mentor Summit, which was a part of the Flock to Fedora conference. Our journey began with a team meeting on January 17, where our collective determination set the stage for FMS 2023 to be truly unforgettable.

In the following months, we engaged in discussions, brainstorming sessions, and deep conversations about this year’s event themes and the goals we aimed to achieve.

FMS 2023 served as a powerful reminder of the significance of mentorship within the Fedora community. It was truly inspiring to witness the enthusiasm of participants and speakers, as well as the exchange of valuable knowledge throughout the event.

Thank you, Fedora Mentor Summit team, for all your hard work! Thank you for making a difference and for continuously strengthening the spirit of mentorship within our community. 💙 🎉 🤗


How a welcoming community saved me from distro hopping and turned me into a contributor

Contributor Story #7 from Daimar Stein (steiner)

Who is your story about?: All the folks on Fedora Discussion, but mainly Joseph Gayoso (josephgayoso) and Justin W. Flory (jflory7)

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Going back to early 2021, I was in a weird state of being. The pandemic took my mental health to an all time low, college was going as terrible as it could be, I just started living alone and I could barely afford basic needs. During this time Linux was a thing that helped me learn something new and took my head off the heaviest things for a while. But up until this point it was a lonely effort. I was learning by myself, for myself, but kept seeing the online communities talk about the need for contributors. I didn’t know anything about programming or packaging so I kept feeling there was nothing I could help with. The community for the distro I used at that time didn’t help a lot as well, using really outdated tools and having a gatekeep-y atitude that pushed me away from being an active part of it.

Then Fedora 36 Beta released, and as I was excited to try the new features of GNOME desktop, I decided to switch, and with it, started using Fedora Discussion and Ask Fedora (at the time, two separate forums). And to my surprise, it was a great experience. I could actually engage in conversations with the project maintainers, I could send ideas, I collected badges, and started feeling like this was a place I could not only be in but help maintain.

One day, after seeing a Reddit thread mocking a successful marketing campaign from Microsoft I could only think “wait, we should really be doing something like this instead of hating on it”, and started doing market research and learning more about marketing. And to my surprise (again), when I made the post proposing a marketing strategy for the project, it was really well received. And that’s when I first met both Justin and Joseph. These two did everything they could from the very beginning to make me feel welcome and to embrace both the ideas I was proposing and the things I’d create. And it’s been that way ever since. Now I’ve completed my second year as a marketing contributor and hopefully will manage to continue for the next years! So thank you!


Favorite moments from the Fedora community

Today’s favorite community moments 📸 are shared by three people: Jona Azizaj, hankuoffroad and Eduard Lucena.

– Jona Azizaj – Flock to Fedora 2018 in Dresden, Germany

– hankuoffroad – Fedora Social Hour

– Eduard Lucena – Latam Team at Flock 2018, Flock 2018, Docs FAD 2018, Family at FLISOL Chile 2018, FLISOL Chile 2017

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