Fedora 39 Release Party – Frankfurt, Germany

Originally published at: Fedora 39 Release Party – Frankfurt, Germany – Fedora Community Blog

Even though the odds were slim due to a strike of train operators, 10 Fedora friends (old & new) found their way to the first physical Frankfurt Fedora Release Party on November 16, 2023.

We started with a fun introduction game: draw your “animal guide” and share how it connects to you. This showed how diverse the community is: tiger, parrot, chameleon, Sid (ground sloth from the movie “Ice Age”), (teddy) bear, quokka, marmot, elephant with all their unique characteristics matching the participants’ personalities.

Given that we had a few participants “new(ish) to Fedora,” Aleksandra Fedorova kicked things off with an introduction to “Fedora, Fedora ELN and CentOS Stream – how it all works together.” Followed by an active discussion around experience, fun facts and additional questions around Fedora and the community… which continued over pizza and brownies.

Additional laughter and fun were the heated guesses during the closing pub quiz which tested newly acquired knowledge, random fun facts and Fedora insights.

Overall, all participants had fun and a great learning experience, made new connections and are looking forward to the next Release Party.

Thank you all for your interest and participation! We are looking forward to seeing you (new and old Fedora friends) for the Fedora 40 Release Party in 2024 – hopefully without any strike or other obstacles!

— Aleksandra & Julia


Unfortunately I missed this. Will there be a f40 party in the area?

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