Fedora 39 Nvidia cudnn library installation help

Sorry guys, I searched for half an hour and couldn’t find any single cudnn file that is suitable for fedora 39. I don’t know whether red hat or Centos Installers are suitable or not.
Their official site doesn’t include cudnn library. Thanks so much.

does this Tarball version work as well?

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Have a look at rpmfusion, they package NVIDIA drivers. I recommend to use an atomic variant from ublue.it as they include the packages in their images.

Yes the versions are only made for RHEL, so there may be incompatibilities. These will then occur on ublue’s side and not break your install, you will simply not get an update.

Not sure about cudnn

If you are using nvidia GPU then I always recommend that the users install the appropriate drivers from the rpmfusion repos.
Please run dnf repolist
If that shows the nvidia-nonfree-nvidia-driver repo in the list then installing the drivers including cuda is as simple as running sudo dnf install akmods followed by a reboot. Then run sudo dnf install akmod-nvidia xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-cuda. Wait about 5 minutes then reboot again. The nvidia drivers should now be installed and loaded.

If you have secureboot enabled there is one additional step involved so let us know.

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Right, the official packages are for RHEL and rpmfusion repackages them for Fedora and others.