Unable to Install Proprietary NVIDIA drivers on Fedora 39

  1. I keep on getting errors from Fedora about missing nvidia kernel modules on my Fedora 39 installation. I’m getting this:
07:12 ~ modinfo -F version nvidia
modinfo: ERROR: Module nvidia not found.
✘ 07:12 ~ 

And also have disabled secure-boot from the get-go. Can someone tell me what im doing wrong?

I also can’t seem to find it (NVIDIA 535) on the software app at all.

Make sure third-party repos are enabled

First type
sudo dnf install akmod-nvidia

Wait about 5 minutes or so

Then check
modinfo -F version nvidia

When it shows version

sudo reboot

All done when no secure boot enabled

This is my output:

08:06 ~ sudo dnf install akmod-nvidia
[sudo] password for tegaidogun: 
download.vscodium.com                           5.0 kB/s | 866  B     00:00    
Last metadata expiration check: 0:00:01 ago on Sat 14 Oct 2023 07:54:31 AM EDT.
 Problem: conflicting requests
  - package akmod-nvidia-3:535.113.01-1.fc39.x86_64 from rpmfusion-nonfree requires nvidia-kmod-common >= 3:535.113.01, but none of the providers can be installed
  - package akmod-nvidia-3:535.113.01-1.fc39.x86_64 from rpmfusion-nonfree-nvidia-driver requires nvidia-kmod-common >= 3:535.113.01, but none of the providers can be installed
  - package xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-3:535.113.01-1.fc39.x86_64 from rpmfusion-nonfree is filtered out by modular filtering
  - package xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-3:535.113.01-1.fc39.x86_64 from rpmfusion-nonfree-nvidia-driver is filtered out by modular filtering
(try to add '--skip-broken' to skip uninstallable packages)
✘ 08:57 ~

Okay, don’t worry I fixed it using this link:


Usually when this modular filtering error message is shown it is because the user has installed cuda from a cuda-fedoraXX repo and thus a modular driver is interfering.

The details can be found with dnf module list and dnf repolist the last of which shows the enabled repos. If a repo whose name begins with cuda is shown that repo should be disabled.

if the error continues then the command sudo dnf module disable nvidia-driver should fix it. (the module name may have been shown with the dnf module list command above)

I’d be skeptical on those instructions:

Fedora 37 and later (if using a compatible compiler, see also

sudo dnf config-manager --add-repo https://developer.download.nvidia.com/compute/cuda/repos/fedora37/x86_64/cuda-fedora37.repo
sudo dnf clean all
sudo dnf module disable nvidia-driver
sudo dnf -y install cuda

If you go to repos page there’s a ‘fedora39/’ folder right there. In that is a ‘cuda-fedora39.repo’ file. So I think those instructions are stale. Or more correctly, it’s incorrect to state “and later”, which implies the cuda-fedora37.repo file would be okay to use on Fedora 38 and higher. The user should go to the specific repo file for each Fedora version.
On Fedora 39 I’d do this and literally use the cuda-fedora39.repo file on Fedora 39

sudo dnf config-manager --add-repo https://developer.download.nvidia.com/compute/cuda/repos/fedora39/x86_64/cuda-fedora39.repo
sudo dnf clean all
sudo dnf module disable nvidia-driver
sudo dnf -y install cuda

They could avoid the whole problem by inserting “$releasever” everywhere in the repo file instead of hardcoding “37” or “39”

Note that link you provide is directly to an nvidia site.
Yes they show a cuda-fedora39 repo.

Also YES, many have problems with installing nvidia drivers and cuda directly from an nvidia site in that it causes other problems that may be difficult to diagnose. Packages from nvidia sites are not specifically tweaked and tested for reliability with fedora and the rapid kernel upgrades we see on fedora.

I always recommend that any such repo sites are disabled and that users only install the nvidia and cuda drivers from rpmfusion (where they are tweaked and tested to be stable on fedora).

dnf install akmod-nvidia and dnf install xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-cuda will handle both those purposes and very few ever have problems when installing that way. Installing from the nvidia sites may work for some but often causes problems for others.

The only requirement is that the user enable the 3rd party repo rpmfusion-nonfree-nvidia-driver. They then are using packages that have been specifically tweaked and tested for use on fedora.