Fedora 39 mate-compiz - caja can not access to samba share

I have a problem connecting to samba-share through caja on mate compiz. It’s just that when I try to do it, the caja keeps asking me for the access data, I type it in and the caja asks for it again and again. Samba has min protocol set to 2.10 and max set to 3.11.
Screenshot at 2024-01-30 17-14-12

In contrast, console smbclient has no problem connecting to this samba-share, windows 10 has no problem either.

Here another user describes the same problem with on fedora 36 → the solution was to downgrade libsmbclient, and later the problem with the library was solved.

Apparently the problem continues to occur in caja.

What can be done about it (I don’t know if downgrade is a reasonable solution for me)?

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